WH132XHD-B Sprocket Welded Steel Chain Sprockets

Welded steel chain spikets are manufactured using a process that involves the welding of 2 pieces of metal together without the use of filler materials. After the welding process, the excess material is removed and the welded chain is then calibrated for length. To ensure a high degree of strength, welded chains are tested by cutting a sample from a production run. This is done several times a shift and the data is recorded electronically. Some chains are twisted and used as tire chains.
Welded steel chain has an offset sidebar construction and no rollers. These chains are great for applications requiring high impact and abrasion resistance. The welded steel chain features a pin that is fully 360-degree heat-treated for optimum wear life. Its distinctive offset style sidebars are welded to the sidebars and are riveted to a steel core.















WH132XHD sprockets can be used with WR132XHD welded steel chain and WH132XHD welded steel chain.We can supply this sprocket made of mild steel or QT400 hardened steel and any rigid construction, split bolted and structurally welded as required. We can also offer this sprocket machining or precision hob for high speed applications. Additionally, we can supply this sprocket as a grease tank filler and grease aid for brass, nylon or UHMW idlers.











Sprocket Number Number Of Teeth Pitch Pitch Diameter Style Shroud Diameter Barrel Diameter Tooth Face
Maximum Bore
WH132XHD-B8 8 6.050″ 15.810″ B-Hub 12.108″ 1.750″ 2.750″ 5.9375″
WH132XHD-B9 9 6.050″ 17.690″ B-Hub 14.128″ 1.750″ 2.750″ 6.9375″
WH132XHD-B10 10 6.050″ 19.580″ B-Hub 16.120″ 1.750″ 2.750″ 6.9375″
WH132XHD-B11 11 6.050″ 21.470″ B-Hub 18.068″ 1.750″ 2.750″ 6.9375″
WH132XHD-B12 12 6.050″ 23.380″ B-Hub 20.086″ 1.750″ 2.750″ 6.9375″
WH132XHD-B12 13 6.050″ 25.280″ B-Hub 22.086″ 1.750″ 2.750″ 6.9375″
WH132XHD-B14 14 6.050″ 27.19″ B-Hub 24.010″ 1.750″ 2.750″ 6.9375″
WH132XHD-B15 15 6.050″ 29.100″ B-Hub 26.960 1.750″ 2.750″ 6.9375″


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