Crotch Contact Silent Chains C4 Series

The crotch contact silent chains are characterized by having plates with a protruding portion on the crotch surface portion. The protruding portion engages the toothed surface of the sprocket during the engagement, and the plate has an inner surface that forms the crotch. In this way, the chain is more reliable than the conventional chain. In addition, the crotch contact silent chains are easily removable.

Specifications of Crotch Contact Silent Chains

Advantages of Crotch Contact Silent Chains

(1) Very low noise level. The crotch contact silent chain is driven by the involute tooth profile of the working chain plate meshing with the sprocket teeth. Therefore, the meshing noise is lower than that of roller chains and bushing chains.

(2) High reliability. This is because the chain link of the crotch contact silent chain has a multi-piece structure. When individual chain pieces are damaged during work, the whole chain will not be disconnected immediately, which is convenient for people to find and replace in time. At the same time. Compared with a bushing chain and roller chain of the same pitch, toothed chain drive is more compact. If the load carrying capacity needs to be increased, the toothed chain drive only needs to increase the smaller size in the width direction, while the bushing chain drive needs to increase the chain pitch or use multiple chains.

(3) Higher accuracy of movement. This is because in a straight roller chain, the actual pitch of the inner and outer links gradually differs due to the wear of the hinges, and the outer pitch becomes larger and larger, thus reducing the transmission accuracy. In a toothed chain, the links are evenly elongated due to wear, thus maintaining higher motion accuracy.

Crotch Contact Silent Chains Applications

The crotch contact silent chain drive chain adopts high-quality materials and processes with independent intellectual property rights. The products are characterized by high tensile strength, strong load-bearing capacity, low noise, smooth transmission, etc.

The crotch contact silent chain transmission chain is widely used in automobile manufacturing, agricultural machinery, engineering machinery and other fields to transmit power for various mechanical equipment, such as: orbital grinder, machining center, leveling machinery, automobile production line, steam turbine, etc.

Sprockets for Crotch Contact Silent Chains

Crotch contact silent chains are designed to have a meshing surface that engages with a sprocket on the crotch. Various types of meshing surfaces are available for different styles of silent chains. Inner crotch seating engages the teeth on the inner flank of the chain, while outer crotch seating engages the sprocket’s outer flank.

When comparing the 2 types of sprockets, the crotch contact silent chain has the best teeth. This type of sprocket has the highest tooth number and most teeth. Its outer flank surfaces have the meshing surface. The meshing surface is used to prevent run-upon of the chain. The back surface is used to prevent run-upon.

The second link plate includes an inner crotch and an outer flank. The inner crotch has a linear shape and does not protrude beyond the outer flank. The outer flank has a linear profile and engages the sprocket teeth. The second link plate has a smooth tooth surface and avoids a striking noise. Moreover, the outer flank is not shaped to engage the crotched link’s teeth.

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